What Should You Do If The Shoes Are Too Small

What Should You Do If The Shoes Are Too Small
Follow these 4 ways to make your small shoes fit to your leg

One of the most unsatisfied things is when you bought a new shoe from online, but you found out the shoe is too small for you to wear. It is waste of money to return back the shoe and also consume a lot of time to do so.

But don’t worry, as long as you put this few things in your shoe, it can instantly fit your feet.

1.Seal plastic bag + water

Fill half a bag of water into a plastic bag, seal the bag and put it into the shoe to fill the entire shoe. Then put the shoes into refrigerator, wait until water freezes, it will expand the shoes and stretch the shoes. Finally, you can take out the shoes and the bag from the refrigerator and try to wear it the shoes will eventually fit to your feet.

2.Hair dryer + socks

First, use a hair dryer hot air to heat the tight area of the shoes, keeping a certain distance, otherwise the new shoes will be easily degummed. Next, you have to put on the thickest socks that you have and keep walking around with the shoes before they cool down. After the shoes have cooled down, use a hair dryer to heat them up and keep walking around until you feel that the shoes are almost fit.

3.Old news paper

All you have to do is to put the slightly damp newspaper into the shoes, then put the shoes in a ventilated area. take out the newspaper the next day, the shoes will become bigger.

4.Thick socks

First, find a few thick socks that you have and roll the thick socks into ball. 

Then put the socks into the shoes until the shoes are completely filled, you will notice the shoe become bigger after a night.